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Posted by on Aug 17, 2012 in Curiosities, Present |

Ikea plans to open hotels “low cost” in Europe

The famous Swedish chain may be about to turn around in your business fleet. A radical change if we consider that the sale of his famous furniture would become part of the hotel business in Europe. Ikea could soon open up to 100 low cost hotels in different parts of the continent.

The information comes through a Swedish newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine, who would have had inside information about a company executive. The paper quotes Harald Mueller as the group executive in charge of the project:

At we searching in Europe for a while and we will announce in the coming weeks where we will open our own hotel service.

We are talking about a minimum of 100 “low cost” distributed in several countries including Germany would meet, UK, Belgium, the Netherlands and Baltic countries.

A business that will be financed with the proceeds of the house itself as a company whose valuation these days reached 9 billion euros. Still, the business does not carry the Ikea logo and would be operated by a hotel management company. An investment that is expected to reach one billion euros according to the newspaper, although Ikea did not specify a figure.

Obvious to think that the rooms of the hotels will make up the furniture in the house, but apparently not the intention of Ikea. According to the conversation while still maintaining a journalist, the house confirmed that:

Try to get rid of all that you do not need such as restaurants inside hotels. Instead we have a good breakfast, free high speed and efficient reception without the formalities when one leaves the room.

In short, the idea is to place low cost hotels in central cities of various European countries. Functional hotels where precedence over luxury basics. A proposal that would begin in the coming weeks with the possibility of building student housing.

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