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Posted by on Dec 25, 2012 in Internet |

Image Dictionary, adding background images to Chrome

Image Dictionary, adding background images to Chrome

One of the aspects that I like about Google Chrome is the broad portfolio of extensions and applications that can be found in the Chrome Web Store, a universe of extensions we usually stop once in a while and for that a long time ago, our companion Ranal has devoted an interesting note with the best of this year . The extensions allow us to extend the functionality of your browser and improve the user experience, we can accomplish two objectives with Image Dictionary , an extension that adds context of the contents we are viewing.

Images are some contents that we usually give enough importance and when reviewing an article in an online journal or blog can help us better understand the content and give us some context with which to better assimilate what we are reading. With this idea, Image Dictionary brings to that will offer additional information and images related to the content they are viewing (using Wikipedia as a source).

To some extent, this extension is somewhat similar to Google Dictionary as, if we remember its functionality, the extension of Google gave us definitions of the words of a given text seleccionábamos. For Image Dictionary, by selecting a particular word instead of offering its definition or translation, we show, in a window, an image related to that word (taking the first image that appears on the Wikipedia entry for that word and providing a link to that article).

One of the great advantages of reading articles on the web is the wealth that we can provide links and context information, which can easily add this extension and bring it to every page we visit. The extension functionality is interesting, however, the extension requires access permissions to our browsing activity and navigation tabs we have open, some permits too excessive for the functionality it offers (though we can always resort to private browsing mode and enable the use of this extension in Chrome’s private mode).

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