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Posted by on Nov 20, 2012 in Guides / Tips |

Importing Torrent downloads on different clients

Importing Torrent downloads on different clients

is one of the best ideas of recent years in the world of and file sharing. Present since the beginning of the century, soon managed to snatch part of the user base of other media such as eDonkey or eMule, and today continues to enjoy good health.

His driver and developer, BitTorrent Inc., Bram Cohen at the helm, continues to launch important new clients like uTorrent, the most used and one of two programs that come directly from the creator of the BitTorrent protocol. With it we can do things that before or imagined, as streaming content even when they have not been discharged, complete management and client access over the Internet without requiring a server installed on your own machine, etc.

However, there are many tools out there, many customers that contribute to good health of the protocol and that guarantee a life of many years ahead. Therefore it can be very interesting to know how to export and import partially completed downloads between applications, which may be necessary in a number of cases, such as the migration of our downloads a new computer that we want a specific application, or as leverage characteristics of a client to download or share certain files faster.

This is something that I’ve always wondered but have not looked until recently, thanks to an article of ghacks published a few days ago. It details how to move our downloads for use in another application. Basically, we need to ensure we still have the file or magnet through which we add the download to the application you use. Then just take a brief look at the following points, meticulously following steps:

  • Make a backup of the current download if all else fails
  • Find the. Torrent or magnet and add the download, from zero, to the new application
  • Set as destination folder the same as used in the previous version

In most cases, will have the new program after downloading briefly our content integrity check. If this fails and the downloads start from scratch, without summarized from its current point, we can try to use the content importer of the new application, if it has one. Will the new program which will search the downloads and resume them for us, but again, for this, we need the original files and the current download.

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