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Improve your productivity, treat yourself like a dog

Improve your productivity, treat yourself like a dog

Do not panic, cuddly. It’s not literal. But it seems a lot. When we have to increase our performance at work, and even more so if we are our own bosses, we can come either apply some of the techniques that we teach our most loyal pets. Never hurts to spare some discipline, especially for we work in front of a computer: Enough of much procrastination, both Facebook and Twitter so. Then I will explain the basic commands that you should apply yourself for maximum in your working hours.

1. Get Organized

Divide a large task into many small, make a schedule. Okay, a dog does not, but his coach does need to at least make a plan to teach him a trick at a time. Set goals and priorities, and deadlines please see step by step. It is pointless for one day you sit with energy to 120% if the next day you do not give even 50%. Remember: one trick at a time.

There are many online tools to organize, both downloadable and cloud, it’s just a matter of finding the one that best suits your needs. If you do not want to waste time, a simple diary or calendar can remind you of deadlines and a list of tasks (like Google Tasks ) does the rest. Managers and Asana projects like Trello also be used to coordinate teams can serve to organize in our own projects.

2. Focus

The multitasking is a myth, something that everyone talks about but few have seen. Multitaskean No dogs. They want food, find food, eat. Things are done in a short time when you focus on what needs to be done, and the sooner you succeed then you will have more free time. Many developers are aware of the risk of distractions in this area, so there are many different tools that help you concentrate, from minimalist text editors do simple magic with your power of concentration, as IA Writer , even with simple utilities Pomodoro technique to focus for long periods of time without pausing forget.

3. Date slogans clear

What if a dog does not give orders short, brief, clear and concise? Well he will ignore. Here equal, if not clearly defined what you want to do, why you want to do and how you do, you start losing a lot of time on the road. It’s best to invest those hours at first, thinking the project and resources before fumble on other things. To be clear, the guidelines marques will be much easier to accomplish. To give direct and concise instructions will be more faithful to the time you have put and avoid unnecessary delays.

4. Reward Yourself

As important as work is reward yourself for doing it. All work and no play makes anyone a dull boy, and the worst is that if we are tired, bored, or too tired, do not work well and it shows in the quality of our results.

I refer not only to reward yourself at the end of your project, but to give small compensations daily tasks or when you reach your plan. It may seem unnecessary, but the motivation is different if we know that at the end of this writing we can for example, be Twitter, or to end the day we see an episode of our favorite series, because so we focus on one thing, knowing that we will do what we like after finishing our work. Each is the best know what works and how you can handle it. If you are hooked on Facebook, a great way to motivate yourself is letting you look at it and write there only when you end up with a certain task, for example. A dog does not leave you without a prize, you do not stay without it.

Photo: Patti Haskins

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