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Posted by on Oct 31, 2012 in Uncategorized |

Improves Gmail message composition

Improves Gmail message composition

is, without doubt, one of the services most used by users. Its powerful search engine, the use of labels, the view of the talks or the inclusion of photos of our contacts (and the information kept from them), that Gmail have become one of the key services of Google and the option leading many users to manage their personal email or even professional account. However, despite its benefits, had an ugly detail in Gmail that crawled from the beginning: when composing a message would lose visibility into the Inbox to check email and had to open a new tab and go changing from one to another.

In an improvement that will start rolling out today, Gmail will break with this detail and, when we click on the button to write a new message composition window will open with a pop-up , following the dynamics of chats with Gtalk will allow us to continue to perform other actions and open, for example, the messages we want,

With this improvement, which incidentally have submitted through the Gmail Blog of Phil Sharp’s hand, the Product Manager of the project, Gmail allows us to concentrate all activity in one window, gaining comfort and above all, facilitating we can put the focus on what’s important. With these improvements will be much easier to find a data in an email without having to save the message to Drafts or resort to a new window and also can maintain multiple editing posts without much problem.

Improves Gmail message composition image 2

Also, another interesting detail that comes from the hand of these improvements is that when we write the name of a contact within the message recipients, besides offering the autocomplete, photography adds Gmail contacts for us to ensure well it is what we were looking for (a good way to avoid sending messages to wrong recipients and save occasional annoyance or problem).

Improves Gmail message composition image 3

Starting today, Gmail will start rolling out this improvement although its activation is voluntary (and we can put it back as it was if we do not like very much). When composing a message we will find a button to activate this new mode in the case that we have activated.

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