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Posted by on Dec 11, 2012 in Internet, Present |

In 2013 free WiFi London taxis

In 2013 free WiFi London taxis

London is famous for many things, including black cabs that roam its streets crowded. The company has spent two years developing Eyetease a service called CabWifi that will provide free WiFi to these iconic cars. It is expected that by early 2013 the service becomes operational, all that remains is to find sponsors and manage your advertising. Users will have 15 minutes of free WiFi either phones, laptops, tablets … However, before they will have to “endure” a notice of 15 seconds duration. Why 15 minutes? Experts – I like to hear about any of them – is the average time of a taxi ride through central London.

The company said through a statement that the service CabWifi combine 3G and 4G in order to provide high quality internet connection. The UK government adopted draft Eyetease thus introducing a substantial improvement in public services that the city offers so much to its residents and those who choose London for your vacation. Taxi drivers will access the system with their own.

It is known that Eyetease is in talks with several major brands as a global credit card and a mobile phone manufacturer, both could could sponsor takeoff CabWifi network.

Eyetease CEO, Richard Corbett, spoke about the system emphasizing its positive aspects:

Tourists and businessmen who come to London can access their emails, talk on Skype or surf the web without fear of high data transfer rates for when they return home. [...] With a journey time of about 15 minutes what better way to pass the time in the back of a taxi using your laptop, your tablet, ebook reader or a phone with internet access.

Corbett also praise for London taxi drivers:

London taxi drivers … are undoubtedly the best in the world and Eyetease is really proud to launch this new service first here in London.