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Posted by on Nov 16, 2012 in SmartPhones |

In RIM Blackberry 10 are hoping to start with 100,000 apps

In RIM Blackberry 10 are hoping to start with 100,000 apps

IN RIM aim high for the launch of its new Blackberry 10. In the company know what is at stake with this release and perhaps this makes them aim higher than you can reach then. So far have pledged 100,000 applications available for the day of departure.

Perhaps we are witnessing the last chance for RIM to catch up to Android, iOS or Windows Phone. If the launch of Blackberry 10 fail to be relevant to the company may not last much longer. For now the little we have seen the system looks good but the key point of this launch will be the applications. Today an OS without applications is useless in this field and RIM also wants to strike a blow on the table.

Knowing this, Thorsten Heins, RIM’s CEO has said the company’s aspiration is to have 100,000 applications available for the platform launch day, remember that the day will be January 30, 2013 . This large number of applications represent the largest number ever achieved by a newly launched platform but would still be a small number compared to what’s available for Android or iOS.

To get this number Heins is making every effort to get developers to add and therefore offer many facilities to make the jump QNX. They offer both the player known Android applications as native support for applications written in C and C + +, Adobe Air, HTML5 and Java applications that run on the current Blackberry.

Another goal they want to achieve is to have between 200 and 400 more leading edge applications. We’ll see if the developers hope the success of Blackberry to carry applications that we can not live, like Instagram, Spotify or Angry Birds

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