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Posted by on Aug 27, 2012 in Apple |

In the battle of Apple and Samsung loses user

In the battle of Apple and Samsung loses user

Apple’s case against Samsung in the United States already had a first outcome, which ruled that had infringed if all patents of Cupertino in an enormous amount of their mobile devices, while being more specific, some handsets infringed a patent and some other, other. But this is not just this issue, let alone the consequences that will bring in the world of mobile technology and technology in general surely.

Many may think this is a great punishment against Samsung for copying designs and software technologies that do not belong, even celebrate it with phrases like “it had deserved!”, But the problem of this, so Samsung was being honest a little (or very) obvious to copy various aspects of iDevices, is that the consequences of this controversial case eventually affect us, the consumers of the products.

The issue of research and development is a very delicate business, therefore what design are, their innovations and creations, be proud of them and planning to use it in their products. This is totally understandable. However, you should know far should these patents, or rather, justice should know.

Users are hardest hit

Patenting “minimalist front design” in a product, or “rounded corners” is something a little absurd, and too limiting to other manufacturers to create a product with a design that should be standardized, something like that televisions are rectangular. Punishing a company on this scale as large as what happened in the case of vs Samsung, manufacturers have achieved much more careful in their designs, and especially the least patenting creation or research that are still working .

How it hurts to the public? In that development is very limited and in the end we will have fewer options to buy. They also do very hurt small and medium innovative, who would dare to try to innovate when design possibly “remember” to a big company, whatever, and can be sued, fined, and more? Few will.

I repeat that there is no doubt, if Samsung copied Apple technologies and had to bring consequences. Only to see the applications menu TouchWiz interface and see the desktop in iOS realizes the uncanny resemblance. The problem is some ridiculous Apple patents that have declared valid.

In the battle of Apple and Samsung loses user image 2

This does not mean that all companies are like Samsung, there are clear examples of innovation, in fact, Windows Phone is definitely different and original as has been done in the mobile world in years, and that’s wonderful, but cases such as Samsung and Apple innovation is poisoned. Industry is limited.

The patent war has not ended

Unfortunately, this is not the end of the story, and I’m not talking about the appeals that are already introducing Koreans and Cupertino to the verdict of the case, but that there will be more demands.

And is that still many more lawsuits to be seen in the mobile industry. Google soon attack Apple with its huge portfolio of patents (which got to do with Motorola Mobility) seeking retaliation. Microsoft will continue demanding SMEs to get paid for each terminal and Apple continue demanding sold in other territories. Besides, these companies are all patent trolls innovation only buy other for use as weapons against other companies.

It is great that all companies defend their innovation, which do not realize, or maybe just do not care, you are setting a precedent that will make tomorrow have fewer options for us, users, and industry issue innovate. In conclusion, the patent system in the United States should be reviewed. Otherwise, it should not surprise us that in the future are lawyers who designed the mobile.

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