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Posted by on Sep 17, 2012 in Science |

India launched its first mission to Mars in 2013

India launched its first mission to Mars in 2013

Among other things, thanks to NASA’s Curiosity mission, is more fashionable than ever and interest surrounding this mission both in the scientific community and fans of has made much of the efforts of space agencies (and some other private company) aiming at Red Planet. NASA has announced that his next project, Insight , would also aim to explore the surface of Mars and drilling and now has been that, through the Head of the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has confirmed plans of next year launch an unmanned mission to this planet.

The news is quite interesting because, while India’s space activity is not well known by the public, the country’s space agency has successfully reached 100 missions and for the government of the country, is a symbol of their “technological domain “. Specifically, India will invest $ 90 million (5,000 crore) in this mission that carried a spacecraft to Mars will follow an elliptical orbit around the planet for a characterization study of the planet’s atmosphere and any signs leading to think that life may exist on the Martian surface.

We are planning the launch of our mission to Mars for the November 27, 2013, when Mars is closest to Earth.

Investment in research is always an interesting and, although at first glance the ISRO site may seem somewhat stuck in the past of the web, the Indian government is very proud of its space program (in 2009 launched a probe to Moon) and has big plans for it since planning a manned mission by 2016. However, in contrast to all these milestones, the second most populous country in the world and the 12th world economy continues to have a high level of poverty in the population, as well as high rates of illiteracy and malnutrition, social problems that make the program Space is quite controversial.

Investment in R & D may be an important lever to activate the economy of a country and make progress but, in this case, perhaps a Mars mission could be overspending compared to the demands of a sector of the population. Technological development or research? Ostentatious? The truth is that it is easy to position itself in this sense but, in my view, should have priority missions with economic return (eg launching satellites for others).

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