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Posted by on Sep 6, 2012 in Social Networks |

Insert any Twitter timeline on your site

Insert any Twitter timeline on your site

Today it is not uncommon to find corporate websites and blogs that have some kind of widget where we can track the activity of the account of the company that runs the website or blog authors who are visiting. Many web content management systems such as WordPress, widgets and plugins available with which we can insert the account activity or, thanks to the that Twitter makes available to developers, we can also do it or embed tweets within a article or post. With the idea of providing more resources for developers and publishers of websites, Twitter has decided to expand the resources available and offers the possibility to insert any timeline on our corporate site or blog.

The tool , which is very easy to use, allow us to create widgets that can insert, for example, to enrich a note that we are writing because we will insert an article into the timeline of the account you designate, a list of tweets bookmarked by anyone we choose, insert a list activity or even a specific search.

Once we choose what we want to insert, all you have to do is fill in the fields you are asking us to configure the widget Twitter (Twitter account to follow the search to be performed, widget width, domains in which insert the widget, etc ) and get the HTML code to be inserted, that simple. Also, insert the widget on our website will be somewhat interactive ie tweets are updated and we interact with them because we have options available to respond or a retweet, thus expanding the Twitter experience to any website that we visiting.

Despite the twists that lately has been giving Twitter with their API, I find this very interesting resource to give dynamism to websites and blogs, for example, showing the activity of a particular hashtag in a story (a protest via Twitter , illustrate a trending topic, etc.) or by monitoring the comments of those attending an event or presentation (concentrating in one place a summary of the discussions and comments from the audience without having to insert them one by one).

A rather interesting resource that can go a long way and, above all, enriching the user experience you visit our website.

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