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Posted by on Aug 3, 2012 in Mobile |

inSSIDer for Android, a useful tool to improve your Wi-Fi

inSSIDer for Android, a useful tool to improve your Wi-Fi

The proliferation of and the rise of devices that can use such networks have meant that, on occasion, we perceive a certain slowness in Wireless networks that use or coverage problems. If we have found in these cases, surely we are in areas where signals converge multiple networks that can act as interference to each other and precisely to help us analyze our environment to find the optimal radio channels to configure our network could use , among others, a free software application called inSSIDer that gave us information on the networks we have around us, the transmission power of these and the channels used to transmit. As we can not always count on a laptop, application developers have released a version for Android , the truth, it is worth having installed.

inSSIDer Android is a tool to take into account if we work on network configuration, or simply want to improve the network setup Wireless in our home or the home of a friend. Compatible with terminals with 2.3.3 or higher installed, this application will provide our smartphone or tablet our powerful analyzer for displaying the various networks that detect wi-fi from your mobile device and characteristic data as the received power or the channel on that issue.

And what we want to know this information? A few networks with broadcast channel in which, furthermore, these networks are received with a neighboring low power, it may be a broadcast channel good for our network as would minimize interference with other networks and, therefore, would improve the quality of our network. In fact, one of the views of the application will show, for each channel, the number of access points Wireless that is emitting at that frequency and the signal strength of these (to locate at a glance the optimal channels) .

inSSIDer for Android, a useful tool to improve your Wi-Fi image 2

Considering how easy it is to handle and very visual presentation that gives us the data, besides being free, it’s worth downloading Google’s Play, test and, for example, optimize the configuration of the wi-fi our house.

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