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Posted by on Dec 22, 2012 in Photography |

Instagram and rectifies reverses its policy

Instagram and rectifies reverses its policy

These last few days Facebook has created a lot of controversy around the new terms of use Instagram . Many users have complained on social networks and have even threatened to withdraw from the service. Now, in response, has announced it will establish the initial conditions which are in force since 2010.

Last Tuesday, Instagram announced new terms of use, which implied that they could sell photos of users to third parties without asking permission. However, we would still be assured that the owners of our own photos. To date, Instagram has no business model and devised that option to generate income.

In his statement, saying he apologizes Instagram failed when trying to clearly communicate your intentions. Given their texts, was very easy to interpret that our Photos would sell to third parties without the user compensate financially for it. A day later, Kevin Systrom, co-founder, decided to respond to the criticism by stating that in no time they meant it. Instagram is a business and summed up by saying that sell information about users to create a much more segmented advertising, and therefore more effective.

In response to the flood of users who opposed the changes, have decided to change the clause on the existing advertising since the inauguration of the service. Rectify is wise and thanks to this maneuver Instagram avoid having a massive flight of users. However, for now, many organizations and companies worldwide with great impact already discharged.

Sometimes complaining has its positive side. I am convinced that if no one had resisted these changes would be unchanged. Given this situation, the only sensible thing I could do was try to satisfy Instagram users again. Without them, the service does not have any future. In a way, because they keep the platform viable operation.

We all know that photographs are uploaded to Instagram unserious as the typical pictures of cats, food or just feet on the beach. For that reason, many did not feel concerned and actually knew that they could get much benefit for it. However, others such as the National Geographic have some images of higher quality and did not agree with the new rules, so they decided to suspend their publications in service. In short, we must take into account all users and try, in most possible, please everyone.

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