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Posted by on Nov 5, 2012 in Software |

Instagram announces public profiles for web

Instagram announces public profiles for web

One of the functions expected of Instagram was the possibility of having public for web. Until now, users of the social network world’s most popular photography could only access these profiles via mobile. Even if we opened a link to an image in the browser, only showing us capture, unable to interact in any other way with the service.

According to an entry on its corporate blog , guys say that within the next few days, all users can have this new feature. The profile has been designed in a way very similar to Facebook (do not forget that Zuckerberg’s company acquired them a few months ago by a millionaire). The user page includes a header which recently shared photographs grouped. The truth is that it looks pretty good. For example, here is the Nike account :

In addition, the web Instagram profile shows your avatar and your biography. It also allows you to follow other users from the browser and-a bit like Twitter, includes a summary with the number of images you’ve shared, and how many people still subscribe to your account. Below, in a grid, show the pictures you have uploaded, grouped by date.

Instagram announces public profiles for web image 2

Profiles can be activated gradually, so if you still can not see yours, is a matter of waiting. One more thing: in Instagram have been concerned about the issue of privacy, so if your profile is registered as private, will not be visible publicly, only authorized person you’d follow you can watch images , after login web.

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