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Posted by on Dec 5, 2012 in Internet |

Instagram blocked from viewing photos on Twitter

Instagram blocked from viewing photos on Twitter

One of the most gray in the technology sector is the patent war (worldwide) who are or have been giants like Apple, Samsung, Microsoft and HTC, to name a few. Perhaps we have become accustomed to this type of confrontation and hardly surprise us, however, patents are not the only point of conflict between the companies and the players of the network seems to have found a new weapon with which to gain ground or encourage other detriments alliances: the APIs. has been the most striking case turns on the use of their API that have harmed others as IFTTT or Instagram . Instagram, which enjoys a privileged position after your purchase by Facebook, which has been moved this time at the expense tab of Twitter because, starting today, stop supporting the display of photos through Twitter.

The Cards Twitter Twitter is a resource that provides services related to that from a tweet, we can visualize a content and context beyond a single link or an image embedded. was one of the services that made use of this resource and, therefore, allowed users to view photos from Twitter without having to click on the url and load a new page. From today, in a rather unique movement that Twitter itself has published on the website of incidents , Instagram longer support this facility, something that has been reported Kevin Systrom (Instagram co-founder and CEO) in the event being held LeWeb in Paris these days.

This turn of Instagram, according to the head of the company, is due to the evolution of the service and its “approach to web world” with profiles of users with whom we interact, comment or likes without resorting to mobile application or services of a third party. In fact, it seems that Instagram will delve more into this break because also raised delete photos embedded in tweets (we could see by expanding the messages) and, of course, be expected to accumulate stop in the gallery Picture posted by users.

We made this decision because now is when it makes sense because then we redirect our users to the site Instagram. [...] Obviously things change as the company evolves

Obviously with Twitter integration remains and, after publishing an image, we can share it through Twitter but, yes, the bond we share no previews for Twitter and will require users to click on the link and visit Instagram’s website (a measure, however, not be taken with existing integrations with Tumblr, Facebook or Foursquare).

Evolution? Service or new partnership strategy? Clearly, Instagram has grown a lot in this year 2012 (the reception was spectacular in Android) and, of course, the purchase by Facebook makes you subject to a “discipline” in their alliances that logically should follow the strategy set by the social network Mark Zuckerberg. While Kevin Systrom claims that the service has evolved (and is something we can see evident in the badges and profiles) and makes no sense not funnel traffic to its website, the fact is that this shooting distance further Twitter both services (and that traditionally was a symbiosis which worked very well).

Admittedly, in a matter of turns, Twitter is the one, perhaps, has been abused over the possession of its APIs and has given many hits in recent months rudder (harming the ecosystem of applications and services and, in one of his punches , Instagram hit a pretty strong) and also did not hurt that try their own medicine. Anyway I think that in the long term, this kind of money, tension and withdrawal features yterminará negatively affecting all these services because, ultimately, it is the user ending perceiving these losses of functionality or ease of use.

What will be the next move? Twitter? Respond with a new twist in its API? Hopefully the use of APIs not become the new battle precisely because interoperability and integration services is an area that provides enough value to the services we have available online.

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