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Posted by on Dec 6, 2012 in News |

Instagram blocks previews of your photos on Twitter

Instagram blocks previews of your photos on Twitter

announced that kept showing previews of the photos when you expand a tweet. Honestly, it was a good utility that could see the photos in a convenient way without leaving .

This has caused more confusion. In fact, many wondered if integration with Twitter was to disappear completely. Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom has had to go on stage at LeWeb to clarify the situation. Instagram has made clear it will always post a on Twitter from within the application. However, we can not view it directly from the microblogging platform.

He has insisted that this drastic change for many users it has nothing to do with the policy change on Facebook but if it is a direct consequence of your purchase.

This measure uncomfortable to me first, but we must understand the intentions of the company. First, they want to access content where it resides to display optimally and improve the user experience. Note that recently added a new web profiles to try to achieve their goals. After all, the main purpose of Instagram, controlled by Facebook, is to redirect more traffic to your service.

To all this must be added that Twitter is developing its own tool to add filters to your photos and upload them directly to the social network to compete with Instagram. Thus, users try to switch over to using its own service.

Among so many battles one can only conclude that everyone wants to attract the most users and prevent other companies from taking advantage of the contents of each. The truth is that the networks that store and display data generated by others, in this case photographs, is a major source of income.

In the end, this is a war between two large, Facebook and Twitter, which as always hurts the most insignificant, users, although paradoxically live networks at our expense.

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