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Posted by on Sep 11, 2012 in Software |

Instagram on Windows Phone could debut later this year

According to Tom Warren from The Verge , might be being developed for Windows Phone, according to an undisclosed source. The information could be established in a video on PureMotion Lumia series of Nokia, which show an image of the application. In my opinion, after seeing the video, I find it difficult to conclude that is Instagram. Despite that, his arrival to seems only a matter of time.

Instagram officially be arriving before the end of the year, to strengthen the nascent ecosystem of Windows Phone, at a distinct disadvantage in terms of quality and quantity over other application markets (Apple Store and Google Play), so incorporating Instagram is even more necessary for Microsoft than for own Instagram.

If the video is showing Instagram (exactly in the second 50), we expect it to be built first with the Nokia Lumia Pureview, Nokia technology to increase the quality of the photographs from the use of lenses that enhance stabilization and the use of light, ideal features to complement it with social skills Instagram. Hopefully in this case, showing the video is real and not another “simulation” of Nokia as in the video demonstration of Pureview.

Anyway, it is clear where to aim if you want Microsoft Windows Phone is a success: A daily incorporate more and better killer-apps, because now a smartphone is what the ecosystem can take advantage of it. His good relationship with Facebook (Facebook owns Instagram and Microsoft was a key investor that social network in its infancy) make quite likely we can expect a version of Instagram for Windows Phone.

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