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Posted by on Dec 20, 2012 in Software |

Instagram responds to criticism

Instagram responds to criticism

After the fuss that was mounted on the Internet when Instagram announced a change in its terms of service and privacy policy , the company has responded to criticism remembering what we already knew: Instagram will not sell your photos . Course, have recognized that the language was too technical and resulted in error, so re-draft these documents to make them more understandable. This is how Instagram responds to criticism by Kevin Systrom, co-founder.

The intention of the company was to communicate “the clearest possible way” its relationship with users and understand how to use these data. But, as they explain, “since we’ve made the changes we have heard loud and clear that many users are confused and upset with what the changes mean.”

They have therefore turned to address these to make them see that strive to eliminate confusion. “We will modify specific parts of the terms to make it clear what will happen to your photos”.


To be clear (because it reminds the company): Instagram is a business. It was created for this purpose and will seek what are benefits. And one of the ways that will be advertising, but not the only.

In fact, the intention of the company acquired by to update its terms was to communicate that they wanted “to experiment with innovative advertising.” An example of this new form of advertising would be a future in which both brands and users “promote your photos and accounts” to increase participation and to create a more consistent fan base. So, in short, sell information as which users follow certain accounts and other interaction data.

This, they explain, “was interpreted by many as we’re going to sell your Pictures to others without any compensation. This is not true.” However, recognize that it is their fault that the language is so confusing, so it will become to publish the updated documents once they become clearer. On the other hand, as far as possible want to avoid annoying banner advertising, which would impact the user experience.

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At this point there were so many doubts, but, just in case, Instagram responds to criticism (and critics). Images are from users and the company will not be with their rights. “We respect that your photos are your photos. Point”.

Moreover, Systrom says he wants everyone to feel comfortable sharing images and will work hard to promote and respect their community and their rights.


Not many changes, although it is true that the advent of Facebook has affected (which makes sense, on the other hand). Both companies share data and information, but the pictures that are classified as private will remain so. “Instagram only share photos with the people you’ve approved to follow you.”

In addition, the manager thanked the comments received and having a community that cares about what happens in it. “We have to be clear with the changes we make, it is our responsibility to you.” Indeed, this was the reason why they decided to start 30 days before applying the new terms, which users could raise concerns. “You have done and are doing, and that will help us provide the clarity you deserve.”

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