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Posted by on Dec 21, 2012 in Technology |

Instagram reverses their new conditions of use

Instagram reverses their new conditions of use

Is reversed in terms of use of . Having generated controversy in social networks and media. The CEO of the social network of photography, Kevin Systrom, published on its official blog a brief explanation of what they wanted to achieve with the new policies, however, users apparently won and everything will return to the original conditions which had the service in 2010.

The movement was natural terms, the trend is a free service to convert your users into the product, with a base of 80 million people taking pictures of lattes, kittens and food had to happen sometime. The main problem we had was poor wording on new terms and misinformation generated by people with some “opinion leaders” in social networks rather not discuss that was all.

Instagram is updated

Leaving the issue of the terms, recently released a minor update that includes some details as a new filter called Mayfair, support for integration with Facebook in iOS 6 and the ability to choose photos from any album on your device, and is added 25 new languages such as Chinese, French, German, Italian, Russian and Spanish.

Rethinking monetization

The social network earns a little time launching the upgrade to recover all or part of the users decided to close your account after the changes. Clearly you have to revisit the strategy that will achieve that monetization. At the moment everything is happiness for paranoid users, but in a near future will again give that talk because Facebook needs to recover its investment.