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Posted by on Dec 18, 2012 in Photography, Technology |

Instagram users share data with Facebook and display advertising

Instagram users share data with Facebook and display advertising

Instagram users share data with Facebook and other social network services. He has published on its official blog one summary of the new privacy policy , which also make it clear that pave the way for future advertisers. Updating the terms come into effect from January 16, 2013.

The key points of this policy update as Instagram:

  • No change to the photos you take you belong.
  • You still have control over who can see your content.
  • The new changes will help fight spam more effectively.
  • Detect service problems quickly.
  • Build better features for users based on how the application is used.

Instagram Now share your content and user information such as cookies, location, and more devices you use Facebook. After a few days of that social network announced it would include advertising on Instagram arrive where apparently these changes seek to take information from users in order to understand how they use both services and offer more personalized ads. If we add to these changes in the privacy policies and use, closing the door to Twitter to share pictures, perhaps for many will be reason enough to stop using the service.

Instagram since its inception never had a way to monetize the application, as if the goal was to increase the user base and sell at the highest price possible, Facebook now touched devise a business model that may also pleases the user, anyone like to see ads in a. Although we do not know as display advertising, the team behind this strategy must be very creative to fidelity and user experience does not falter.

The community is quite extensive. So far, no service that is based on mobile photography has been able to match its success, maybe it’s because they think this is because the filters “retro” in the photos, but not so. The post comments and interact with other users of simple forms, fast and in a 100% mobile is the most important. The question hangs in the air: Will you continue using Instagram or shopped an alternative?

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