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Posted by on Dec 18, 2012 in News |

Instagram will change its terms in January 2013

Instagram will change its terms in January 2013

and have been a lot of talk in recent weeks. Today changed its terms which have announced that the social network of photography share user data with Zuckerberg. However, one of the most critical parts is granted the right to trade photos with others.

Since Mark Zuckerberg Instagram acquired many changes have occurred. First, launched a web profiles to conveniently view new photos from the browser. Later, broke the good relationship they had with Twitter blocking previews of the images from the same tweets. And recently, to demonstrate that continue to advance, renewed the camera and included a new filter .

The official blog of Instagram have wanted to emphasize the important points of these changes. First, note that the photos still belong to us (although they can market to them). Second, the privacy system to control who has access to our photos is still in force. They add that now can fight spam more effectively. Finally, stress that will focus on creating new features to better match our use users.

This week, we also learned that Instagram include advertising. With the adoption of the new policies of Facebook will be able to segment it more. It is an immense amount of data they collect about users, allowing them to create a very personalized ads to try to get the maximum benefit.

Although we do not like anything these methods to monetize the service, it should be noted that from the beginning Instagram had no system to generate income. As a result, Facebook has had to devise a business model that is profitable purchase. Could they have done differently? Probably, but the letters on the subject are taken and there is nothing to do.

Lately, all other services are putting the batteries. Flickr recently announced its new application for iOS in which include filters. Twitter also made a similar move .

Finally, these changes will take effect on 16 January. Therefore, there is still a month to think whether to continue in service or close your account. I would add that with all this competition is emerging in the market Instagram has it increasingly difficult to stay on top. And you, will you still using Instagram?

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