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Posted by on Dec 14, 2012 in Internet |

Instagram will open to advertising

Instagram will open to advertising

These past seven days we have spoken several times of Instagram, which began when the service decided to close the doors at Twitter and block the display of photos . Since then, we have seen these days Twitter launched its own filters and added to the Yahoo! application Flickr for iOS , an interesting competition that expands supply and gives many options to users (remember that Camera also offers filters to apply to the images). What about with Instagram? What will be its evolution? It seems clear that the company wants to approach the “web world” and has begun to take its first steps with the profiles of the users, however, it appears that the acquisition of Facebook involves a future change in the service that many of us imagined: Instagram through advertising .

Although when it announced the purchase of millions by Facebook, the social network Mark Zuckerberg said that things would change in Instagram and that, in principle, both companies would follow their own “roadmaps “Carolyn Everson, VP of Marketing for Facebook, has been responsible for dropping the company plans to obtain revenues from this purchase and plan to monetize the service.

Well, Instagram is growing at an incredibly fast pace and the team is still very small compared with the amount of people that have been able to capture. There are many brands using Instagram with the idea of approaching his followers. Definitely we are proposing a strategy to monetize the service. When will this happen? I can not say but it is something that will happen

I must admit that these statements do not surprise me because, basically, this move falls into what one might expect. Instagram is a service with a lot of potential as an advertising platform and, indeed, this was one of the great values that Facebook saw in this start-up. We must not forget that Instagram was a start-up that did not generate income, ie the company’s operations were based on capital coming from investors and therefore no one buys (by such economic figure) a company whose operations will wait to losses unless commercially exploit and profit to offset the investment.

Matará publicity? Instagram? Everything depends on the talent of the team when implementing this paradigm shift in service since we start with a service that offers users a clean and simple interface where images are the center of all experience and use that to insert advertising, should also make room for promotional spaces. Maybe place ads like Google Ads can be somewhat extreme and bet on something more subtle recommending specific publications or profiles (in the same way that makes Twitter profiles with recommended and promoted tweets *), ie, reaching a balance between the essence of Instagram and monetization of the service (something he himself Instagram team was already working just before the purchase).

Today, competition between services opens the door to allow the user to easily choose where you want to upload your photos and how the shares. That Instagram has closed the door to Twitter, in my opinion, is a movement that remains as it tries to force users to visit their website (perhaps a first step in that it contains advertising) and Twitter have enabled their filters more complicated than these visits occur because users who directly want to share your photos via Twitter can do so without having to go through Instagram.

Personally, I do not have to tear their hair out by the announcement of the arrival of advertising Instagram, falls within the natural and expected, the big challenge is that the combination of the advertising service provides a user experience that is the height and not cause any migratory flow to other services now that the range of options is becoming quite extensive.

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