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Posted by on Nov 21, 2012 in Guides / Tips, Mac OS X |

Instant Messaging applications for Mac OS X

Instant Messaging applications for Mac OS X

A few days ago we presented a list of some alternatives to popular instant messengers , Windows Live Messenger and Gtalk-shaped pedestrian also known as “Google Chat” -. But the Mac has its own universe and messengers alternatives. In addition to iChat, which comes natively when we turn on the computer for the first time just left his beautiful packaging, we have other options to install. Here we review the best alternatives to instant messengers for Mac OS X.


This is, at least in my opinion, the best alternative that we can use in Mac Adium is a multi-platform that supports multiple IM services. For example, we can synchronize in one place our MSN and Gtalk accounts, for example. But beyond that, we have other options for integration with the Mac ecosystem that makes it the unquestionable choice. This Open Source program also has a very nice user interface and intuitive, with chat windows in a tab format to be more organized and not create multiple windows that slow the computer.

As for integration with Mac OS X, can synchronize with the address book and contacts that natively comes with the computer. When using multiple accounts-for example, different emails, we do a bond of emails from our contacts in one profile to be more organized. For example, if we have a person on MSN and GTalk also, we can see them online and chat with them no matter where they are connected. With Adium also can transfer files, something fundamental, but unfortunately can not make group conversations or video, but it gives us options-encryption security talks. Finally, comes in a portable version, if we work on many Macs regularly is something that is not all bad.


Instantbird is another cross-platform system-not only can use it on Mac but in Windows and Linux, with the ability to sync different accounts for various services. One of the best features is that not only can act as a instant messenger, but also allows us to manage social networks in the same way that Digsby, in the case of Windows, such as Facebook and Twitter. Instantbird is built on Mozilla 16.0.2 allowing updates are based on third-party add-ons that can be found on page Instantbird. In terms of interface, boasts a very clean and simple to use without too many beads to prioritize contact experience and nothing else.

In the same way that Adium, also divides the conversations in tabs instead of windows, to facilitate navigation. These tabs can be rearranged by moving them according to priority, for example, but more interesting is that you can create new windows by dragging a tab out of the original window, in the same way that open new windows in a browser. Another thing it shares with Adium is the possibility to combine contacts. It also has powerful search tools and conversations contacts, essential for a working tool. It is ideal for users who are accustomed to using Firefox on their computers, because it has many points in common.

Messenger for Mac

Outside the world of the messengers platform, we have options for other services that have their own applications. Messenger for Mac is one of them. Messenger is a fairly complete, if we used to use on other platforms, we will be quite useful. One of its most important features is the ability to make audio or video calls to other contacts, which can be quite useful for business meetings. His skills as a business tool are also noteworthy when we see integration with the suite of Office 2011 for Mac, with programs like Outlook, Word and PowerPoint. An integration more than relevant, especially if we also include SkyDrive.

On the other hand, you can also easily share files, as well as photographs. If you already know the program, no other variants very relevant. We have the same customization options with backgrounds, fonts and other details depending on the contact with whom we are talking, for example. Thus, it should be a good choice for those just moving to Mac OS X and use this computer as their main job.


This is already a classic messenger and recently launched its Mac version What matters most of Trillian is its simplicity: both Mac and Windows, does not have too many ornaments to distract us, and keeps things simple. In this latest version we have further integration with social networks, which makes the program a bit more complex demos without us really counts. Another important aspect is that it provides a synchronization with your iPhone application, so you can resume a chat while we are out of home or office, without losing the thread of the conversation.

Trillian for Mac also has an important integration with the Mac system, such as syncing with Address Book automatically importing all our contacts to Trillian. In regard to social networks, has a bar to access all your contacts updates, is particularly useful for Facebook and Twitter, obviously, in an even more comfortable than the other client that has the same functionality, Instantbird .


To close with this list, we have to Proteus , another Open Source development that we can use with our various accounts. It multiprotocol, and has many customization options. With support for different protocols like Gtalk, MSN and AIM, not too powerful but serves its purpose.

Although Adium is one of the most downloaded, and most useful, these alternatives offer something interesting each. Integration with social networks will be the most important plus for some, while others will be for video calls. Depending on the use that we give the Mac, we have a different choice of program.