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Posted by on Dec 19, 2012 in Social Networks |

Instant Retro: filters and editing images from the browser

Instant Retro: filters and editing images from the browser

I think one of the services has to talk more this year 2012 we are about to finish it, no doubt, Instagram , in the end, finished dragging to Twitter , Facebook himself (which is the current owner of and soon launched Facebook Camera) or to Flickr to develop their own alternative and enter this competition to attract those users to share photos with a touch vintage (especially with the hype generated by the change of the terms of service Instagram). The filters of Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or Flickr are available only in mobile applications for iOS and Android for these services and therefore users accessing via your desktop browser you have something more complicated.

For users who access their Twitter or Facebook profile through the desktop browser and also want to share images with the ability to edit them or apply a filter, there are alternative services to Instagram that, while not as sophisticated, can offer this functionality also. Instant Retro is one of these services available, as we can imagine, we will edit your images using any of the 17 available filters and other settings and tweaks.

The application interface is quite easy to use and really does not require registration to use, if we want to climb our images, choose the settings to be applied and, as a result, we get a link to share through our profiles social (or, if we want, we can save from the retouched image browser). We may also use our profile of Twitter, Facebook or our Google account to use the platform as registered users, for example, to access all the images you’ve uploaded and retouched.

Besides the browser version, Instant Retro is available as a Facebook application and Chrome application , although in the latter case the application for Chrome is just a shortcut to the web service. While the range of filters and options is wide, in my opinion, not reach the level of quality of the newly deployed Instagram or Twitter filters but to quickly edit a photo without using the phone, it may be an option to be within our favorites.

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