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Posted by on Dec 14, 2012 in Social Networks |

Instaplayer: create presentations with Instagram photos from iOS

Instaplayer: create presentations with Instagram photos from iOS

In recent days there has been much talk about Instagram and applying filters to the pictures we took from our mobile devices. The truth is that the formula of has been a resounding success, which have been reflected in his spectacular reception on Android or the millionaire buyout from Facebok. Regardless of the launch of the filters to photos on Twitter or including applying filters in iOS Flickr , Instagram is still one of the favorite services of the users and, in this sense, has led to the emergence of an ecosystem of applications and services that allow us to maximize the experience of using this social network to share photos. Within the growing catalog of applications that can be found around just joined Instagram one for iOS, called Instaplayer , which offers the possibility of creating presentations from your mobile device with the photos published in this social network and even send images our television.

Instaplayer is an application that arrived yesterday in the App Store in order to make us enjoy more with Instagram and offer an alternative way of viewing the contents. The app, which works on both the iPhone (from 3G) and the or the iPod (from third generation), we can make slide shows with the pictures posted on our Instagram feed, ie We publish the photos or publishing our friends.

The idea is to combine this application with the Apple TV to display on the TV in our house that we will be riding the presentations from our own photographs or, for example, from a thematic search for photos based on a hashtag, a location or the sum of several conditions. Once set the search parameters, the application will present a “photo wall” that will be following an animation showing that emulates a Polaroid camera coming out of a snapshot after pressing the shutter button to take a picture.

Instaplayer: create presentations with Instagram photos from iOS image 2

The result is quite beautiful and, for example, it may be interesting to recall a family celebration or our friends or even use it for an event to make a kind of closure with all the pictures that have been attracting attendees.

An application can use to view the photographs during family meals take these next Christmas.

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