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Posted by on Nov 20, 2012 in Mobile |

Instatabs: carrying Chrome tabs Instagram publications

Instatabs: carrying Chrome tabs Instagram publications

Instragram is a social network that has depth especially well among users of mobile devices because, precisely, is a social network focused on mobile so that users upload images that have been taken are your smartphone and, on the fly, retouch applying any of the available filters. Thanks to the available API can access the contents of from browser extensions , from web services like Webstagram or from recently enabled profiles , independizánonos some mobile applications and opening multiple service access channels and therefore doing something easier to interact with other users.

Users of browsers such as Chrome or Firefox with multiple customization options thanks to available extensions and, of course, issues and applications we can find for Google Chrome. For many users find pages more visitors when they open a new tab in Chrome is something I find very handy (like finding panel installed Chrome apps), but for others, it is a feature that can supply your bar bookmarks and favorites. For users who are in the latter case and, moreover, are keen to Instagram, the host ecosystem Chrome extensions and applications may have something of interest: Instatabs

What is Instatabs? This extension allows Chrome users to avoid seeing the most visited websites and installed applications when they open a new tab (and miss the main image of the subject that have installed). Why is replaced then the new tab? Well as we can imagine, what we see are the photos posted on Instagram, namely default see the latest images released by the profiles that follow in this network and also we do likes or visit the page image to add comments .

The idea, basically, is similar to Currently , ie customize what we see when opening a new tab but the main difference is that, in this case, completely lose the reference to the installed applications or most visited pages .

In addition to viewing the latest images that have posted profiles that follow, we can customize the feed to see by choosing a particular search and, for example, set to display images that are accompanied by a particular hashtag and set the number of images that want to display (between 6, 9 and 12, it all depends on how big the screen use and the resolution with which we work).

Moreover, the extension does not give us much, but in my opinion, can satisfy the most addicted to the service without having to be aware of their handsets. Otherwise, I think the extension would improve a lot if we lost no reference applications or pages visited but, overall, it’s worth checking out.

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