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Posted by on Oct 23, 2012 in Social Networks, Web 2.0 |

Integrates Facebook Chat in the new beta of Firefox

Integrates Facebook Chat in the new beta of Firefox

Within hours we can move forward in our browser, surely, a not insignificant part focuses on tracking consider interest publications and other employ much in the use of “social applications”, ie social networking Twitter, or even corporate social networks . While our web browser is often the main pathway, there are desktop applications (like Facebook Chat or TweetDeck) or extensions also give us access without direct access to the services pages.

In fact, it seems that we are becoming more prone to mobile applications and extensions that direct navigation and it seems that this is the path we want to take us through Mozilla with Social API . What is the Fifefox? Given that it is an API, a set of resources is aimed at introducing social features within the browser, ie allow them to integrate social networking features into Firefox as part of the functionality of the browser itself and therefore avoiding the need to open a new tab to enter to use Facebook chat.

This development is something that will come in the next version of Firefox and, from today, we can test it in the beta of the browser and use Facebook Chat without having to resort to the desktop client or keep a tab open with a session of Facebook for able to talk to our contacts. With this new package of features, Firefox will win a set of buttons that provide access to Facebook and also reserved a portion of the interface to show online contacts and, as happens in the social network of Mark Zuckerberg, talk to them through chat without having to keep a tab open.

This approach is very interesting and brings us closer to an environment in which we have no access to a website or a service to enjoy its functionality or its contents, but no third party applications direct bridging our experience comfortable use. Yes, integrate in the browser or the ability to see updates from our friends is something to eat in moderation and, I fear, that will give you more of a headache to those who control a very close the navigation of its employees.

And what to do to try to stop this new feature? Integrate Facebook chat in Firefox is pretty simple, all you have to do is download the beta of Firefox and install it, visit Facebook and watch for the notification to install the integration Facebook in Firefox.

Picture: Venture Beat

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