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Posted by on Jan 2, 2013 in Technology |

Intel TV: Internet TV subscription channels with concrete

Intel TV: Internet TV subscription channels with concrete

Cable television is one of the few digital services has not changed his mechanics and just deal with the emergence of internet in most homes. Intel would be interested in making this change with an Intel TV, orienting to a new system that users were waiting since we began to see the possibilities of the network: subscribe to specific channels, and can view them from any Internet-connected device, as announced by Forbes .

Intel did not seem anywhere near an actor who had much to say in the area of cable television, but the statement of intent as successful Intel TV, and March 2013 set as the date to begin implementing the first betas, changes consideration. First, we would not need a decoder as we are used to seeing, as the Intel content come through the network, and therefore we could see them from smartphones, tablets, computers … as well as by Of course the TV connected .

The main stumbling block for Intel TV and his idea of fragmentation of content through the rejection of the channels themselves, who believe that this system encareceriĀ­a too the price of each individual subscription, making finally a pack usually about 100 channels for $ 80 is transformed With this new system, which would pay the same for a lot less subscribed channels. Business Insider gives the example of Disney, who charges about $ 5 for each subscriber to ESPN: estimates indicate that 25% of customers of ESPN envision this channel regularly, so Disney would have to charge $ 20 for individual subscription to compensate for the loss of 75% of customers who pay to see it or not.

For now, Intel seems determined to try his luck with this model, and will have to see how he manages with Intel TV to find the balance between secure acceptance by many users from various devices to see their channels, and changing model would lead to more expensive channels to eliminate format that brings together a large number. Surely the ideal starting point would be to bring this content to homes via the Internet, to ensure receipt in tablets and smartphones, and then test these new formats with a large number of loyal users. Your time has cost, because since March there rumors on this platform. Intel will tell.

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