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Posted by on Aug 31, 2012 in Events |

Interview with Celestino Garcia on Samsung, Windows 8 and the future of the stylus

Interview with Celestino Garcia on Samsung, Windows 8 and the future of the stylus

We are at the IFA in Berlin and during the event Mobile Unpacked held yesterday could ask you a couple of questions to Celestino Garcia, President of Samsung Telecommunication Spain on Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 and terminals with the same as presented in the Event: ATIV range ranging from tablets with RT as the ATIV Tab to convertible notebooks as ATIV Smart Pc or terminal with Windows Phone 8 as is the Samsung ATIV S .

  • During evolution that have terminals thanks to Samsung Android we have seen the progressive inclusion of certain types of applications developed by Samsung, as S or S Voice Note that uniquely complement the existing application ecosystem Google Play while substantially improve key parts of the system, as is the use of the stylus. Will we see something like this in Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8?

We’re talking about a software product that technically is not yet released. Largely Samsung’s bid to develop such applications depend, frankly, the success these platforms have. Samsung is a company that moves from platform Android or Bada Windows Phone through our own system, the commitment Tizen or as we are seeing now Windows 8. Enrichment and bet the company pass directly by the host and that these devices have the meaning that it has in that particular case.

  • Actually the first question relates to the following, and it calls attention to the inclusion of a stylus in convertible notebooks as ATIV Smart by Samsung PC What can this mean in the face of the future? Does the stylus still a gap in the future of touch interfaces?

The first is that I do not like to call stylus, but digital pen. In the background is what allows us to expand the possibilities that this interface provides you speak. Ie finger options are limited to a certain interface design and fit of the possibilities offered as a finger control element precisely by including an extra option as this pen is what we allow is to take the best of both worlds and put it in a single product. A convertible laptop also points in this direction allowing to be used as tablet, which makes more sense a stylus to draw or take notes, or as a conventional laptop with a keyboard.

One of the most interesting possibilities is that Windows 8 will bring the entire ecosystem of applications that has worked so well in the mobile to the desktop. Hence, out, or can leave, as S Note interesting proposals that highlight one of the best features in our Galaxy Note review to 10.1 or some of the innovations that we have seen in the presentation Also the Galaxy Note 2 for example.

It should be noted, however, that the customization possibilities both Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 are much more limited than in the case of Android, and that although it is therefore likely to see a commitment of Samsung in this respect or anything like would be accompanied by remodeling the interface or by including a native function as S Voice. Thank finally to his words and his vision on the future of Samsung and its relationship with Windows 8 which, remember, hopefully by the end of October.

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