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Posted by on Nov 6, 2012 in Software |

iPad Mini: the first 10 applications that should install

iPad Mini: the first 10 applications that should install

Are you one of the 3 million people who was lucky enough to buy a new mini ? Although applications behave exactly like its big brother ten inches, the reality is that this version of the device is showing us that the experience of loading a tablet everywhere is further enhanced by its reduced weight while maintaining ultra every of the functions that were used.

Whether you are an experienced user or the iPad is the first time purchasing one, we recommend the top ten applications that you download just right out of the box

  1. Dropbox : You’ll have instant access to all the files that you have synchronized your Mac or PC.
  2. Spotify : We must accept that the experience of using Spotify for iPad is even better than the desktop version and even the version for iPhone / Android. Although you have to pay 10 dollars / euros for accessing the service from a mobile device, we believe it is worth every penny.
  3. Kindle : We love iBooks, Kindle but the prize for the availability of content on all kinds of devices. Read an iPad mini is really comfortable and you probably have already purchased books that you can continue to enjoy in the new tablet.
  4. Tweetbot : The ultimate application for Twitter.
  5. Flipboard : A very different way of consuming content of your websites, news sites and blogs favorite, based on the recommendation of your social circle. Flipboard is fully adapted to a tablet and in its latest version optimized for use in an 8-inch screen.
  6. Evernote : It’s like a notepad on steroids, totally dependent on the cloud where you can store something as simple as a note to sync your library of PDFs, annotate audio, video, photographs, and even save complete web pages. They also have OCR technology making it possible to search the texts that appear in photographs. Extremely useful.
  7. Paper : Everyone wants to write and draw on a tablet, the problem is that most permit applications are expensive and complicated. Mere were all bad. Paper fills that gap. It is extremely simple, very beautiful and very organic.
  8. Snapseed : In the top photo editors for iPad. Keeps simplicity but provides enough options to let retouching best pictures we took with mobile devices. Not as detailed, nor intended as a replacement for iPhoto, but handles better in minutes a photo for publication as soon as possible.
  9. AVPlayerHD : It is an application that allows you to play virtually any video format, including. mkv, which are quite popular on the Internet, especially for HD versions. Updated: Sorry, this application is not available on the App Store. Apparently back in coming days.
  10. Instapaper : Need read a long article on a website? Instead of doing it from Safari, you send it to Instapaper large print formats and more comfortable to the eye. It also supports offline, so you can make a list of outstanding items you can browse when you, for example, on an airplane.
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