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Posted by on Nov 3, 2012 in Apple, Reviews |

iPad Mini, unboxing video

iPad Mini, unboxing video

We already have in Gadget us the new iPad Mini and the first thing we did was make prior to our review, a first detailing how Apple has packaged this time your new device. Overall we left a good feeling and the first thing we appreciated was the lightness of the device and how comfortable it is the new form factor and is very comfortable to carry in one hand or transported in a backpack or purse.

Mini or iPad?? It’s a good question to be discussed in depth review, but much depends variables as if we already have an iPad or using you’re going to give to it. The is major pros regarding the iPad is much lighter, smaller and more comfortable to wear, without implying lose ratio screen or applications. Put another way, it looks the same but smaller, and the proportion of usability and power control everything with a hand adds many positives.

The iPad is bulkier when compared to the iPad Mini, but with the larger screen also makes whatever is consuming content becomes exponentially more enjoyable. The fact that the iPad has Retina and iPad Mini (for now) is another point to consider. Attentive to our analysis of the iPad mini next week and will make comparative against Nexus 7, the BlackBerry Playbook and Kindle Fire HD.

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