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Posted by on Dec 3, 2012 in Apple |

iPhone 5 comes to more Latin American countries on December 14

iPhone 5 comes to more Latin American countries on December 14

Excellent news for those wishing to gain latest and brand new Apple terminal in Latin America, the , is that according to the same company announces the bitten apple through a press release, the new iPhone will come with 50 new countries during the month of December, including several in South America.

The day chosen for the arrival of the iPhone 5 in Latin America is on 14 December, and the countries included in the official Release are:

  • Bolivia.
  • Brasil.
  • Chile.
  • Costa Rica.
  • Ecuador.
  • Panama.
  • Paraguay.
  • Venezuela.

In addition, also come to other Caribbean territories like St. Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, although these will have to wait another week, until 21 December.

This is great news that says that in such territories will the new Apple smartphone through local operators, so if you are one of those who want to get one of these terminals, your time is coming.

However, we must remember the case of Venezuela, where the operator Movistar made an initial launch of iPhone 5 on 28 November but through a unique lottery system because of limited units that arrived in the country to launch. We hope that from December 14 to normalize the situation. Finally, Argentina unfortunately not been included in this release, due to local laws relating to the importation of smartphones.

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