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Posted by on Sep 24, 2012 in Apple |

iPhone 5 sells 5 million units in three days

iPhone 5 sells 5 million units in three days

On September 12 we presented the new Apple iPhone 5 a phone that had a huge responsibility to overtake its predecessor, the iPhone 4S so successful, not only in technical performance, but in marketing, in a very demanding when it These phones. And as expected, he has succeeded.

Certainly the received countless negative reviews for being an “evolution” and not a “revolution” with the previous model, so much so that many thought would have a little impact on the market. They could not be more wrong.

The iPhone 5 was released on Friday 21 September and in just three days after arriving in the market and has sold 5 million units, a spectacular figure that even doubling sales in the same period of the iPhone 4S, according Apple communicates .

Not only that, in those five million Apple says it does not include the two million iPhone 5 that had been reserved from the day of its presentation, which means that the total sales figure exceeds 7 million units in just three days. Something just amazing.

Furthermore, these sales have been in the few countries (less than 10) where Apple has launched the iPhone 5 the past 21, so that by the end of this month when I get more territory, such sales will only grow.

Before its release on Friday, analysts estimated that in the remainder of 2012 will sell around 10 million iPhone 5, but considering this opening weekend, the figure will be much higher and will become again a “selling” of Apple.

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