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Posted by on Nov 20, 2012 in Curiosities, Technology |

IRobot robotic hand that has created for DARPA

IRobot robotic hand that has created for DARPA

iRobot is known domestically for its Roomba automatic vacuum cleaner, but a glance at the cover of your website will allow us to make sure that more, much more: Robots defense and public safety. Something like that is the last thing that has developed a robotic with fingers unbreakable which has echoed Engadget .

This robotic hand has created for DARPA (Research Projects Agency Defense Advanced), an agency within the Department of Defense of the United States in search of new technologies for the military use. Although its design and construction instinctively remember not a human hand, three fingers Modules as act as such. The anatomical improvement is that there are three fingers grasping or folding, as human thumbs. The physical improvement obviously passed by the material they are constructed: flexible polymer, making them virtually unbreakable.

This material is allowing a much greater resistance to shocks and drops than others in the demo video shows off her work normally after being hit by a baseball bat. Despite its flexibility have considerable strength, can lift objects up to 50 pounds (23 kilograms), as highlighted in IEEE Spectrum , although its design, still under development, though, do not let use it exactly like a hand lifting, it is far from the traditional models of robotic hands . The three ‘fingers’ superimposed on the base housing and integrated touch sensors are handled by fishing lines, which lowers the costs of replacing components.

This new robotic hand, trying to trace the accuracy of a human hand by adding a much higher resistance (and eventually, force), is part of the ARM (Autonomous Robotic Manipulation) DARPA, so for now the market or opening for home use is completely discarded.

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