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Posted by on Dec 24, 2012 in Technology |

Is it really easy to use Windows 8?

Is it really easy to use Windows 8?

Microsoft has launched a new campaign that refers to the ease with which consumers can use the highlights of . Personally, I have the feeling that the company is forgetting buyers who have a low level of knowledge, and you may need more campaigns or promotions that help them understand how the new system.

If we look beyond the scope of users who move in the world of technology regardless of platform and focus on those who are lost and delete a contact in your phone itself, or is a dynamic tile for them Windows 8, it really is easy to use?

For this type of user interface that is the main thing, just do not care about performance, know what a processor and are decided by a device or another depending on the price or design, Windows 8 may seem a completely different operating system what they had tried so far.

In the classic desktop known as Windows 8, these consumers face a difficult problem for them to assume the absence of the home button.

“There he is!” Many consumers say the first time you see Windows 8 on your new device. The worst thing is that this is not the most important, if not the start button, not the start menu, and yes they can be a serious problem for them.

The start menu is the gateway to the shutdown, folders of photos, music or videos. Since functions anchored the taskbar which introduced Windows 7 is a world unknown to consumers such noobs that have filled the desktop icons in most cases, can be a difficult mission to reach, for example to your control panel, from which you can set up virtually the entire system.

Another key part of the system is the access button bar , which is displayed when the user moves the mouse cursor or finger to the left margin of the screen. New in Windows 8 whose functions are not simply explained by the appearance of icons or text.

A curious fact is that for a simple task such as shutting down the system from the desktop, it should be up to 4 steps, and with it the first 50 times, these consumers will be surprised to see magically appear bar buttons without knowing as they did.

If we focus on the home screen , which is certainly the most revolutionary Windows 8, imagine a simile of surprise that marked the discovery of the New World by Christopher Columbus, with which feel to discover new consumers with a low level of technological knowledge.

So yes, it is true that Windows 8 has many advantages over Windows 7, which is a reimagined OS that has put all eggs in one basket to achieve success and that nothing ventured nothing gained. But from there, to promote such campaigns, in which the main theme is the ease of use of Windows 8 is a good distance.

It is also true that it is not at all difficult to use, but of course, first you have to learn, and that’s the big difference from Windows 7, from which there was virtually nothing new to discover.

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