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Posted by on Oct 31, 2012 in Guides / Tips, Social Networks |

Is it worth having a presence on Google+?

Is it worth having a presence on Google+?

One of the most important things that happened in the world of social networking last year was out of Google+ , the attempt by the search giant to get into a market that until now was forbidden, and had already experienced – at least in its most negative, with the failed venture of Google Buzz. But surprisingly, Google+ became a social network in terms of faster growth. Currently has millions of users, but the question we all-at least those of us in Social Media-is if you really have retained a good percentage of these users have accounts or just “stops” where nobody notices except to calculate numbers.

Customers may be a little concerned about having a presence in Google+ for just this huge amount of people who are in the network. But now, will have to think carefully whether or not fulfill his wish: the end of the day we who know the community and know whether or not to have a presence on Google+. At this stage of the game, we can be in two situations, one where you do not have to manage a Plus page, or in which we have to handle, and one in which we have to start from 0 with a profile-what , above all, it means that we are running late. And also in these two situations we have to ask whether it is worth having an account on Google+.

The positives

We will go first to find many positive aspects when managing a Google+ profile. There are many, in fact, more pros than cons, but I delve into that. These points can be made available to the customer if, for example, comes to ask why we thought about making a profile here, adapted to our own needs, obviously.

  • The captive audience: Google+ users are peculiar, but the important thing is that thanks to a generous battery features, and in the same way that Facebook users tend to interact with brands. It is an excellent opportunity for all users by default Google have an account with Plus, you will have to manually turn off if they fail to have it.
  • The backing of Google: have the backing of Google is not minimal. The company is known for its innovation and thirst for development, and we are constantly introducing new and interesting things, among which of course has to Plus functionality with every passing month are over. Plus remains well updated with all the news market, and is something like the darling of Google.
  • The compulsory synchronization of accounts: we said a few lines of Plus account by default, we simply use a Google service-an action that does not sit well with the rest of the world. But, for example, we can use this timing to motorize the user +1, which also helps with indexing, or upload files to Google away.
  • Experimentation: Plus does not have such strict rules as Facebook, leading us to a place where we can experience, for example, sweepstakes, to see what is sticking more in our community. For this is obviously going to have to have built a community, which brings us to …
  • The content of posts: posts on Google+ have a very important visual character. They are constantly taking pictures, joking … This is how we have to have an approach to content generation. We will have a better visual impact thanks to photos larger than in other social networks, and we will have achieved our purpose.
  • The hangouts: Finally, another aspect to consider are the hangouts. This wonderful tool could have toppled the reign of Skype-for a moment he thought he could unseat completely up-but unfortunately did not happen. But it has incredible features that allow us to have a chat with multiple video, we record, and more.

The negatives

I must admit that I have a unique problem with Google+, not convince me to use it in work. Yes, I have a personal account, I use-sporadically-and also know about success stories of on the shelf. The only negative, and obviously is serious because even come to overshadow all the positives that have Plus, is the retention of the users. Yes, people have accounts, and millions, but how many of them actually use it? This is a criticism echoed by many but we have to consider before venturing with a venture like this.

How much interaction going to have? How many users connect with our brand, if the type of users who are looking not actually have a special use of Google+? These are questions we have to do before creating an account. The pages for brands are interesting, give us chances. As an experiment could be something great. But we have to be able to leave the stage of experiment and consolidate our presence in this platform. All positives overshadowed if we have no one to use them.

Statistics are varied: some say that Google+ is untapped niche-which is partly true, depending on the brand will find people who are looking, while others say it is a desert and it will be useless to Google if you still insist on focusing on synchronize everything with this service. I think we have to position ourselves in between, let’s see now.

The midpoint

Google+ seize functionalities that absolutely no focus-that is, making our communication strategy completely turn around the platform. With some cleverness, we can combine Twitter, Facebook and Plus to highlight the features that we like, for example, good quality photographs or hangouts, aspects that I find extremely useful from the point of view of social networks for competitions and direct interaction with followers.

Google+ no longer the novelty toy, soon to meet a year old and it seems at least strange that has not found its “place in the world”. Other networks like Facebook or Twitter, or LinkedIn to Pinterest, may not have taken the same to get the same amount of users, but we have clearly defined what your niche users, and provide us with interesting tools from the side of Social Media . But we have a task Google+ a little more complicated.

The important thing is that we think, as we always say, what’s going to use and who you’re going to be talking. If we build a communications strategy that speaks to users who are not even on Google+, we will be failing. Therefore, it is important to have all these aspects very clear input.

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