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Posted by on Sep 21, 2012 in Multimedia, Windows |

Is the easiest way to convert videos for your smartphone?

Is the easiest way to convert videos for your smartphone?

Let’s face it, size matters. And that is something that is checked as soon as we download an MP3 track, despite having the same length as other √ɬ≠nfimamente sounds worse because it occupies a smaller, and therefore has higher compression. The same happens when we go to YouTube to enjoy the latest movie trailer for the fashion and instead of finding the version envision one in 240p HD. Matter, does it?

So, over the years, and almost since it began to popularize the consumption of multimedia content on PCs, there are many conversion tools that allow us to adjust sizes such as resolution or weight (always associated) in order to consume what we want and not sacrificing performance or space, or quality.

Maybe a decade ago such programs focus on from computer to computer, and allow us to reduce the size of videos to save disk space, for example, but today most are focused on the adaptation of content for mobile devices. And of all conversion tools we tested, Click2Mobile is probably the most recommended.

Is the easiest way to convert videos for your smartphone? image 2 Why? Because it’s the simplest thing we can find in the area, which makes it ideal for advanced users who just recently bought a smartphone or tablet and want to enjoy content. To give you an idea, I will make a brief review of its operation:

When you run the application, you can download from the official website , we have a dialogue in which we are invited to select a file. This is the source file, such as an HD movie, a trailer, or whatever. In short, any video content you want to convert.

The next step is to select the target device or device where we consume content. In the list we have the following, which will cover most of the needs in today’s market:

  • iPhone 2G/3G or iPod Touch (first 3 generations)
  • iPhone 4/4S or iPod Touch (generations 4 and iPad *
  • Android Phone with 400×800 resolution
  • Android Phone with 240×320 resolution
  • Android Tablet

It also gives us the ability to adjust the quality in order to reduce the size of the generated files, or add metadata to display titles on the device. Now I have to adjust the volume and press the convert button. The file is ready.

What’s more, we also run the conversion automatically via the context menu in the file browser.

Negatives?? None really, although it should be mentioned that it is a program that contains ad-ware, something completely harmless because even includes several third-party products, we can choose to install or not, and clearly.

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