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Posted by on Jul 28, 2012 in Social Networks |

Is Twitter a dictatorship imposing its API?

Is Twitter a dictatorship imposing its API?

A few days ago we mentioned that one of the greatest mistakes, in my view, he had made Google with Google + was the absence of an API that would allow third-party applications to access this network, ie not allow the user Update your status using applications like HootSuite or Buffer. While it is true that Google + is beginning to open (and has a beta for “open” pages of companies ), which seems to be doing just the opposite is Twitter because, with increasing frequency, we know of cases in which closed its to various services and the truth begins to seem strange this change without any further explanation.

Early last year the suspension of the application of ubermedia Twidroid uberTwitter and made rivers of ink, but in the end, this decision did not surprise a lot because Ãœbermedia had violated the terms of service. However, earlier this month , Twitter closed the API on LinkedIn (which unified the publications) e sta same week ended Instagram has the functionality to find friends on Twitter.

has said he wants to establish new terms of use of their API much more stringent in order to “preserve the experience” user “protection service” and promote the use of their applications (as opposed to third-party services and applications) . This protectionist approach, Twitter “will turn off the spigot” LinkedIn to prevent it carry the Twitter experience to other platforms (thanks to post tweets directly in LinkedIn) and now it is closed functionality that, in my point of view, he clashed with Twitter or “stealing” role as simply served to search Instagram Twitter users.

While Instagram can still post to Twitter (logical because it generates content in this network), this closure without notice and without explanation is an ugly twist that seems closer to the rivalry with Facebook to respond to a clear criterion of using the API (Foursquare because this option is running smoothly). Whether you are establishing a new policy, it is not yet published and therefore the rules should be equal for all services provided do not contravene the rules imposed, ie open or close API is arbitrarily a practice that I think Twitter can harm more than help it.

Thanks to the Twitter API, many developers have worked in services that complement the capabilities of this network and, for example, allow us to obtain much better statistics or locate topics of the moment . While Twitter is the owner of their APIs, opening and closing access without clear criteria (and usually to harm competition) do not think is the way forward and makes you have the feeling of being in a “dictatorship” in which the services are highlighted sections of this peaceful symbiosis thus preventing them to grow thanks to the Twitter service.

And what we could bring these new rules of use? Based on the fact that Twitter itself forward to be strict and who want to walk along a path in which developers do their work inside the Twitter, I must say I’m not very optimistic about what might happen and, frankly, I see that with so many restrictions (and the idea of empowering customers own) is endangered ecosystem value of applications and services that, in my view, contributed value Twitter.

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