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Islands that do not exist or appear on any map (I)

Islands that do not exist or appear on any map (I)

On November 22 my partner JJ Velasco published a post in which he explained the curious and puzzling case of Sandy, the island that appears on maps but do not exist. This story reminded me of Lost that mythical moment in which Benjamin Linus moves the island to protect it from Widmore.

The can often be a good area to develop a story and if you are still above islands lost, unknown, far away from civilization, nestled in remote locations the better. On an island you can drop a bunch of teenagers to kill each other (Battle Royale) or to discover that “man is a wolf to man” (Lord of the Flies), a stunning island can hide treasures or key to understanding evolution. Islands of endless white beaches, islands with steep cliffs. Inhospitable and uninhabitable islands, other orchards of life and color.

We have to do a review of ten islands fantastic, mysterious, terrifying and void. Today mention five of them and tomorrow we will complete the list with five.

The island – Lost

Islands that do not exist or appear on any map (I) image 2

A crazy French, polar bears, black smoke mortal, research stations, magnificent beaches, a lighthouse, an Adam with Eve, a small plane crashed full of heroin, a submarine … the fact is that on the mysterious island had everything. He was also the epicenter of a power struggle between Benjamin and Charles, between Jacob and the man in black. The island was a source of power that should be controlled and many fought and died trying to discover and control that power. A huge place which was used by various civilizations that left their mark until one fine day in 2004 an Oceanic plane broke in two on the island leaving a handful of survivors at the mercy of the mysteries and locals. Over time we discovered that there was more of an island and a secret, never got satisfactory answers, however no one can deny the appeal of the site.

Skull Island – King Kong

Islands that do not exist or appear on any map (I) image 3

Located somewhere in the Indian Ocean, this mysterious and forgotten island is home of King Kong, a huge gorilla worshiped by the natives. The island is characterized by a huge rock shaped like a human skull in its center, hence the name – originality to power. Local fauna consists of prehistoric creatures that were thought extinct. It is a hilly site and there is a high stone wall that separates humans from the prehistoric jungle home to King Kong and dinosaurs. The island suffers successive changes in movies and in the aftermath of 1933, The Son of Kong, ends sinking under water due to a volcanic eruption.

The Neverland – Peter Pan

Islands that do not exist or appear on any map (I) image 4

In the novel by JM Barrie explained that to reach Neverland have to take the second star to the right and keep flying until dawn. A country where children do not grow and age, where there are Indians, fairies, pirates and mermaids, where there is happiness, joy and fun. Who would not want to have adventures with Peter Pan and the Lost Boys?

The Island of Dr. Moreau – The Island of Dr. Moreau

Islands that do not exist or appear on any map (I) image 5

In 1986 HG Wells imagined a scientific delusion that always has me chills, in a remote island Dr. Moreau plays God by creating hybrid animals and humans. Creatures that are neither one nor the other and live in fear and controlled by a man as mad as great. None of the adaptations to the big screen has done justice to this essential work of science fiction. Clearly the highlight of this island is the wildlife that populates unfortunately the doctor is unable to control his creatures and chaos erupts.

Avalon – Celtic Mythology

Legendary island located somewhere in the British Isles, it is said to inhabit nine fairy queens, one of them the famous Arthurian cycle Morgana, and apples are tasty trees throughout the year. Here lies Arthur Pendragon, was taken to the island by Morgana after the battle he waged against Mordred. It is a paradise, the climate is benevolent, time stops and people do not get older, there is peace and joy. A mythical place linked, forever, King Arthur. Is he really resting in the hope of better times?




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