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Posted by on Oct 17, 2012 in Photography |

ISS Startrails: Earth as a hint of TRON

Photographer and journalist Christoph Malin performs this hypnotic and beautiful work from the images collected from the International Space Station . A piece that leaves the viewer speechless influenced by the iconic racing film .

Batteries and trails of stars that are able to create patterns visible to the passage of the on the planet. As says Malin, traces of stars, lightning within clouds or even meteors can glimpse in the sequence are visible to the viewer’s eyes.

At other times we had seen similar work by providing images of the NASA crew in the station. Still, Malin edited the Video from the inspiration of the legendary Disney movie:

Do you remember TRON (1982). The plot was about a programmer scanned into a computer software which interacts with various programs in its attempt to back out. I always liked racing light cycles and solar craft … In a way, the ISS is a ship solar, constantly spinning around us.

The author explains that the piece contains many pixels oversaturated in some scenes. This is because adjustments in high ISO Nikon D3s from that station was used to keep exposure times as short as possible, in part due to the traveling speed at which the ISS.

Final assembly of the piece was made with Apple Motion and Final Cut Pro X. The theme that accompanies the piece is Rosevere Eileen Lee.

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