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Posted by on Oct 25, 2012 in News |

It confirms the Samsung Nexus 10 of the instruction manual leaked

It confirms the Samsung Nexus 10 of the instruction manual leaked

It seems that as we approach the day of the event from Google to find it harder to keep these secret developments to report. So far the rumors were not misled and we have another leak that confirms a new Nexus, this time on 10.

The leak comes from the hand of where they have posted two photos that show the operating instructions for the future Nexus 10 . In one of them we can see the cover and on the other we can see how it would photograph the exterior design of this tablet manufactured by Samsung. Among the notable aspects of the first exterior design that stands out is the camera position. Google appears to continue down the road of using large tablets horizontally, so the camera located on one side to to put it in landscape mode have the camera in front. Apple going backwards and the iPad puts the camera on top as expected vertical use of the device, but with the Smart Cover can only be put in horizontal.

Moreover, the tablet is a lot like the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.01 but until it is presented can not see that materials are chosen for their construction or if there is any variation in design that is not reflected in the manual. Perhaps he would have preferred a more commensurate with the Nexus 7, more uniform, to have all the Nexus range with similar lines.

It confirms the Samsung Nexus 10 of the instruction manual leaked image 2

The is rumored to have a screen of 2560 x 1600, more pixel density that the new iPad and will run Android 4.2. A nice and solid design, a spectacular display and good news in Android 4.2 can make this tablet a very good candidate to dispute the throne to iPad.

Finally, we have to refer to a final filtration is that thanks to the FCC (Federal Communications Commission in the United States) has leaked the existence of a Nexus 7 3G. The tablet has left the FCC carrying the designation ASUS ME370TG while the WiFi version of the Nexus 7 comes with the designation so that G ME370T confirmed the 3G model. For now is all that is known as Asus did not elaborate on the FCC.

Seeing the range of tablets that seem confirmed, the output of Android 4.2 and maybe some last minute surprise event next Monday presents very interesting.

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