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Posted by on Nov 8, 2012 in News |

JAM with Chrome, your own band online without leaving your browser

JAM with Chrome, your own band online without leaving your browser

Wish you could play Music with your friends virtually? has become a reality launching JAM with Chrome , a web application that enables you to gather your contacts on different sites and start rehearsing directly through the browser

Google’s experiment uses the most advanced web technologies, including HTML5-based features such as the Web Audio API, Canvas, WebSockets and CSS3. As we access the page of the experiment, we choose a username and provide a tool for the 19 possible: there are a variety of guitars, keyboards and drums. Everything you need to enjoy music online.

After selecting all the default application opens in easy mode and found 4 different AutoPlay for the application to control everything. However, in Pro mode can control each and every one of the features provided by the instrument. In addition, we invite three friends over to our Jam to compose online, ie music that touches each combined in real time as if we were all in the same room eliminating distances.

Google This project shows clearly has the potential to HTML5 and web based applications. Gone are those static pages in which there was almost able to interact. And the web is one of the fundamental elements of any device, so you only have to take a look at OS , an operating system based on it.

JAM with Chrome is a Google experiment that reinvents how to create music with the simple aid of our keyboard. Of course there is not really tested a group but we can do to have fun with our friends. And you, do you dare to try?

Link: Jam with Chrome

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