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Posted by on Sep 19, 2012 in Internet, Present |

Japan suffers 19 cyberattacks attributed to China

Japan suffers 19 cyberattacks attributed to China

Several weeks ago that diplomatic relations between China and Japan have been strained by a problem that really have dragged on for decades: the sovereignty dispute over the Senkaku Islands . This group of islands located in the western end of is disputed between China, Taiwan and China. Tension between and Japan has resulted in demonstrations outside the Japanese embassy in China or in the presence of Chinese patrol boats near the archipelago (with subsequent Japanese naval response) but in addition to classroom activities, several institutions in Japan are being victims of a wave of DDoS attacks that authorities attribute to China.

As reported Japanese security forces, since Japan announced on 11 September, the nationalization of the Senkaku Islands, 19 states of the country (including public entities, banks and universities) have suffered various attacks on their websites (leaving out service) or have suffered attacks that have changed the contents published. And what is the link between these events and the sovereignty dispute between China and Japan? According to police, the origin of these actions comes from China since many of these sites had been identified as targets in publications by crackers odd Chinese forum.

The victims of these attacks find the page of the statistical office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications of Japan (which came under a barrage of requests for about 7 hours on Saturday) or the Tokyo Institute of Technology (where the web Center for the Study of Civilization was the victim of an attack in which the data were exposed for 1,068 people registered to participate in this project and leaked personal data such as their names or phone numbers). Following an analysis of the petitions received on the website linked to the ministry, the police has found that 95% of the traffic comes from China, further proof that Japan has put forward to support the thesis that these attacks are linked to protests around the sovereignty of the Senkaku Islands.

Not the first time that China is attributed to such activities and, frankly, seeing how the environment not surprise me that Japan’s thesis were true and really attacks come from this country but neither will be easy to show if the Chinese government has something to do with all that is happening or whether, by contrast, is an initiative framed within popular protests and is an isolated incident. Actually, I think it will be very difficult to ascertain the origin if, in the end, get more data.

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