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Posted by on Nov 2, 2012 in SmartPhones |

Jelly Bean in only 2.7% of devices, fragmentation continues

Jelly Bean in only 2.7% of devices, fragmentation continues

The fragmentation of Android is undeniable besides being the source of many criticisms of the operating system. The adoption of the new versions is usually a very slow pace resulting in large differences between the phones in the market.

If we take a look to see how the system is distributed in the we see that 2.3, called Gingerbread, is now present in more than half of the devices, specifically 54.2 percent, gaining the position of the most used . This is a very high figure considering that was presented in December two years ago. On the other hand, Android 2.2, known as Froyo, has a 12 percent share while Ice Cream Sandwich is in 25.8% of the devices. For Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, only has a penetration of 2.7%.

According to data Developpers Android , ICS growth in the last month has been too low, only 2.1%, while Jelly Bean has won only 0.9% more. However, a positive note is that the market share of low Gingerbread slowly fell last month by 1.6%.

With the release of Android 4.2, called Jelly Bean like the 4.1, plus devices to a really low price for those benefits which are, for example the Nexus 4 , Google hopes to improve and increase the distribution of their latest versions. Should be noted that Google sells cheap because what really matters is that people use their system to generate revenue with content, their main source of income.

The adoption of new versions of Android will very slowly because each manufacturer has adapted version for your device. It is the big problem of not controlling software and hardware at the same time delays are accentuated. Nevertheless, Google expects Jelly Bean grow rapidly thanks to new devices recently introduced at prices much more affordable than the competition.

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