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Jimmy’s End, the surreal and noir short of Alan Moore

Jimmy's End, the surreal and noir short of Alan Moore

Renowned and-winning British screenwriter Alan Moore , responsible for essential works to understand the comic like Watchmen, V For Vendetta, From Hell, has teamed with director Mitch Jenkins to make a multiplatform project called The Show consists of a series of short films. The prologue of this joint project is an eighteen-minute short entitled Act of Faith, and yesterday – November 25 – was released through their official website, the thirty-minute short film Jimmy’s End .

The stories narrated by various characters from different points of view, dealing with black magic, occultism and esotericism, topics that Moore has always been interested and are almost a constant in his work. The shorts / mediametrajes consist of several layers and develop in Nighthampon, a dark and surrealistic version of Moore’s Northampton home. The fauna is rich and varied nightlife, echoes of David Lynch, black theater, cabaret and mystery airs in Nighthampon anything is possible and the night is the right time for the characters intersect.

Jimmy’s End can be viewed online free of charge and is accompanied by the following:

We’ve all been there. In the moments after midnight, stumbling over unfamiliar ditches for lack of a road and looking for lights that invite us before they call by the last request. James is trying to lose himself, but in the broken mirror of a gentleman’s room is the eyes that have been watching. Following the puzzling prelude Act of Faith, and Mitch Jenkins reveal a ghostly English dream pin-ups made with goose bumps, comedians and faulty lights burned, with the judgment is right behind the tinsel. Jimmy’s End removes an intricate purple curtains new planet of desire and mystery. We’ve all been there.

After watching it I have to ask do not you remember Twin Peaks?.

It is the first time that Moore writes directly to the cinema, his complaints about the adaptations that have suffered their works to the screen are well known. Never satisfied and is always surly and critical films. Not least because they have done with From Hell, V For Vendetta and Watchmen in Hollywood has no name and no longer speak of that stupidity starring Sean Connery “based on” The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. None of these films do justice to the comic that inspired it and the author does not mince words when expressing his displeasure as he did with the script for V For Vendetta:

Appears … I do not want my name, nor do I want any money. I would like the money to be distributed among artists, but even before asking, film makers lied when filtering I was very excited about the film. I tried to retract, but it was not the case, so I decided that would not work again with dccomics. I do not want to have contact with them, nor with Warner Bros or any of these freshwater sharks, ever