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Posted by on Nov 28, 2012 in Software |

Joyn, enigmatic little present and future

Joyn, enigmatic little present and future

A few days ago, my friend JJ Velasco wrote about the saturation of instant messaging applications to collation Libon filing, the penultimate about software presented by Orange. Today we have a new candidate to be crowned the ultimate application in Spain, Joyn, although contrary to the promise offered by Line , is something rather ignore, at least for now.

It is easy to agree on what to include an application of this type to be the best. First, and as something negotiable, it has to be as close as possible to the universality. That is, virtually anyone can use it, no matter the operating system of your device, or the operator to which it belongs. And this is the first whack of Joyn: only suitable for Android-iOS soon also without news of BlackBerry or Windows Phone, and it is almost as bad, and may be used only if you are a customer of one of the three major Spanish operators: Movistar, Vodafone and Orange. These three are the ones that have come together to make an application with complete interoperability, but complete, nothing. Neither Telstra customers or the OMV, which are so operators like the other, may use Joyn. Is it worth an application with a very limited market potential, when his best bulwark would be compatible with all?

Second requerimento for an application like this: offer something distinctive from the rest, a component that improves on what is already offered by competitors. One of the pillars of the recent success of Line-aside to harness the anger with WhatsApp for their lapses-is its desktop client, allowing a much larger flow and speed in the talks. And also to communicate with users who write from their smartphone. Why we have pushed many to be accelerating the transition to Line. Another case is that of GroupMe, bought by Skype , which is also multiplatform although more oriented groups. What does to differentiate? Two things: it is integrated in mobile phones three operators sell their matrix (like a hassle to install an application), which is a service and RSC-E, which operates in a more transparent and safer than working on other applications data.

For these two reasons mainly, it is very difficult to succeed Joyn and consolidated as a solid alternative to WhatsApp, the king of this type of software, or heir Line. Joyn was submitted late, which is not something bad per se, but it will negatively affect it has done in a rough and rugged: Android app only, and without giving hopes to users of other platforms (except iOS ) that reaches them. Worse still for the operators that this is a competition for applications developed by them, as abovementioned Libon Orange or Movistar Tume .

Does Joyn place in the future? Maybe, but competition is fierce, and his birth was not any good. This output is the beginning, Joyn born as a platform that prepares its own API to make it possible to export the application and accessible from other places like web or TV, I hope the latter oriented videoconferencing and not the messenger , having a smartphone, tablet or laptop as appropriate devices.

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