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Posted by on Oct 4, 2012 in Features, Reviews |

Review: Super Paquito

Review: Super Paquito

We analyzed Super Paquito, a released for sale by Imaginarium trying to bring technology to the small house. Its purpose is education and entertainment. Now they are so fashionable these devices was a matter of time to go aside some dedicated to children’s environment.

Design and appearance

When we catch hands conveys a sense of security thanks to its aluminum casing. The robust construction is designed to withstand the use of children such as the possible scratches or scuffs. Compared to other tablets, this is slightly thicker than usual but not much bothering. Moreover, children can catch more firmly and feel better in your hands.

Review: Super Paquito image 2

In the back features a 3 megapixel camera on the front and a 2 megapixel. As for quality, the rear is not perfect, in low light is noisy. Moreover, when more light is used to exit the passageway. I leave you then you evalueis a photo taken on the street. If you click on the picture you will see the original file.

Review: Super Paquito image 3

Once you turn it on, we have to follow all the installation steps as any Android device * **. However, as we got to the desk, we were not very familiar. It carries a very specific GUI does not remember at all the Google mobile operating system. The application icons are quite large. The pop-up bar where you would normally see the notifications are no longer displayed. To see them we have to lead to the lower right corner of the mailbox icon and press to bring up a new box with all our news.

Review: Super Paquito image 4


A part of the GUI software is very restrictive. All you can do and not do in the tablet is decided by parents parental control center that is accessed by the icon in the upper right corner and draw an unlock pattern.

Review: Super Paquito image 5

When you access this screen we have several options. Here we create users, and if we want, we can give some different settings to each child. Parents decide which applications installed will allow your child to use. They can also set a time of use. The typical excuse of “5 minutes” is no longer valid because when the time the tablet is locked and will not allow you to continue using it. In the control center will also decide the videos you can enjoy the child, the websites, the contacts are added and configured the e-mail.

Experience of use

In any screen tablet is one of the most important because it is the means by which we interact with the machine every time we used it. This consists of 9.7-inch screen, a correct measurement. As for brightness, we can not complain, it is quite acceptable. However, when using it, we find that is not very smooth transition between desktops. A child may not find it annoying but it must be said in case. Another thing that does not convince me is the location of the buttons “back” and “options”. They are located on the ridge in the upper right side. It is uncomfortable to press the button there to go back a step but may be due to the habit of having them at the bottom. For my part, I miss a button that can be returned directly to the home screen.

Review: Super Paquito image 6

On the software side, we see that the main Google applications are friendlier interface thanks to a more descriptive. For example, here’s the mail application:

Review: Super Paquito image 7

I was struck by the rewards table, is an app that aims to move to the digital environment than previously had a role. It describes the different objectives of the child whenever the parents coming true and we are evaluating are giving awards.

In the section on languages, have included a British Council app to practice English. It’s trying to be the maximum number of valid words in the shortest possible time. To do this we have a box of 4×4 squares with letters and have to make a word with the highlighted red.

For young artists, comes preinstalled an app that allows them to unleash the imagination. Program is a Paint-style.

The tablet does not despise reading, which is essential to the education of any person. Comes standard application for reading electronic books.

Still, being Android, parents have access to the broad Play Store. There you can download and install all the applications you deem relevant to the use and enjoyment of their children.



This tablet is aimed at the children’s sector and objectively we can not compare with the rest of the tablets in the market as these are aimed at general audiences and compete in another league.
Is designed to resist infant use, ie is less sensitive than the normal tablets. Moreover, it is quite ergonomic and feels good in the hands.
The camera is not great, but meets the needs of most small family. That if in low light better not use it.
As for the price, you can buy it for €299 , a sum slightly raised to be a child’s toy. Note that for 100€ more you have an iPad 2, a device quality considerably. I make the comparison just to give you an idea of what it really costs.
Where this tablet really shines is in point of control and security. There’s the trump card. Children will not be as exposed as any other tablet, parents dictate and choose the environment in which your child will unfold. Even so, and several educational applications are preinstalled ready to be enjoyed.

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