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Posted by on Aug 17, 2012 in Science |

JQ1, the compound that could lead to male contraceptive pill

JQ1, the compound that could lead to male contraceptive pill

After years and decades of study, the male pill, the contraceptive drug for men, could be very close . All thanks to the discovery of a group of researchers at Harvard Medical School. A compound that induces temporary infertility in men.

To check will have to pass tests in humans, and found that the molecule has been tested in mice. A molecule that could lead to the first pill in the world for male birth control and be ready for first tests in humans within a year.

James Bradner has been the head of the investigation. The man that was working with his team in the creation of an inhibitory compound that may make cancer cells “forget” who had cancer, a new way to possible treatments for lung cancer.

While conducting the tests, the researchers looked at the JQ1 molecule, which was also capable of inhibiting a protein found in the testicles that is essential for fertility. According to Bradner account:

In studies of mating JQ1 achieves a complete and reversible contraceptive effect in men without adversely affecting the levels of testosterone or mating behavior.

Stated another way, the investigation conducted fortuitous I could have the first pill male birth control.

And is that JQ1 is known as a small molecule, thus passing through the bloodstream and testicles. Once inside, joins BRT, an integral protein in sperm production:

These cells actually forget how to make mature sperm. The result is a profound decrease in sperm count, resulting in a complete contraceptive effect. It’s really impressive.

Not only that. Bradner account that the compound could be delivered through a pill, injection or topical solution:

It is possible that next year we have a real idea of how it works in humans. What was initially a side project in our laboratory has become a major focus of our research.

The first tests have been performed with live mice. The molecule got each mouse was sterile. Then, when they failed to provide it, the mice become fertile again. Further, only found a negative effect on the animals. Apparently there has been a slight weight loss in mice.

Anyway, after more than 50 years of female contraceptive pill, man could be closer than ever to find a method of birth control without condoms or vasectomy.

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