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Posted by on Aug 7, 2012 in Science |

Just landed on Mars Curiosity

Just landed on Mars Curiosity

What we see is the final sequence of Curiosity landing on the Red Planet , a NASA Video that toppled at first on YouTube for copyright infringement and that hours after it has spread to everyone. Historical images were taken in the latter part of the descent.

We captured a total of 1,054 images during the landing of Curiosity, 297 of which were transmitted to Earth. These early color photos are low resolution so the stop motion we see has a diffuse quality. It is expected that the collection of other images combining reach more fluid provide a description of the entry of “hall” and his descent into the crater Gale.

The piece shows how the heat shield falls while entering the atmosphere of Mars. At the same time, we can distinguish the cloud of dust that rises when it comes to landing end of the crater.

Now will wait and see pictures in high resolution Curiosity emitted from the planet. Meanwhile, left them with so far is probably the most spectacular image of its descent. The team took the MRO (Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter) and in it we see the ship descending by parachute to the mission it hopes to obtain evidence of possible life on as on Earth.

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