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Posted by on Dec 21, 2012 in Social Networks |

JustUnfollow, mass unfollow Twitter users

JustUnfollow, mass unfollow Twitter users

Keep track of all of our followers on Twitter can be difficult. Especially if you’re driving an account with a lot of members. In this case, we can not carry out the task of manually. We will have enough manual tasks to consider, especially if we consider that many of the things we do in require an alternative tool. If we talk about monitoring tools to keep the account, then we can choose Just Unfollow , practical and free platform that allows us, among other things, stop following certain users.

Many accounts of Twitter users choose to follow to begin to be followed, which many call the “follow back”. Does not always work, in fact almost never, but that does not mean it is not a practice that exists. So if we find a number of people who are bulking followed our timeline without contributing anything interesting, it’s time to clean. With have an interesting range of features that are aimed at social network administrators. We will review below.

  • Unfollow users who do not follow us: some brands consider it essential to follow users who follow them. In some cases, the strategy is to follow in bunches hoping that many of them return to follow. As we said, it’s not the ideal way to get more followers but it happens. To get rid of this extra burden, we can use this functionality.
  • Unfollow inactive users: similar to the previous functionality, with Just Unfollow can detect which users do not use their own time to stop following them. Although this does not cause wasted space in our timeline, if we have a limit of people you can follow, which can also happen, we have to optimize the use of these people as we can. Follow inactive users is not helpful for anyone.
  • Follow the followers: each day we may be adding new fans who know. To generate more engagement is a good way to follow too. Instead of doing this manually, you can use Just Unfollow to do massively and automatically.
  • Support for multiple accounts: it may be that we have to manage multiple accounts, and not only work with one brand. So Just Unfollow features support for multiple accounts, which can be managed from a single location.
  • Sponsored Users: Although not fully tested something, and it’s best to advertise on Twitter directly, Just Unfollow offers us the possibility to have a sponsored account.
  • Special Lists: To avoid having to unfollow users, Just Unfollow offers us the possibility of blacklisting where we can ignore all your comments on the timeline, not to follow.
  • Copy of followers: Another popular strategy is to look for accounts that are similar to our brand and copy his followers, so that we continue to return to us. It is an ideal practice-in fact, I find it quite fraudulent-but may serve in some cases.

In short, Just Unfollow has some cool tools for use in daily or weekly administration of social networks. We offer the ability to start using some practices that do not fully agree-copy followers, follow followers massively-but that some brands considered as valid. It is also free. I recommend you try it especially for its massive unfollow capabilities.

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