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Posted by on Nov 20, 2012 in Education, Mobile |

Kadrige iSharing: presentations synchronized with your computer

Kadrige iSharing: presentations synchronized with your computer

Because of the internet facilities gives us to work remotely, more and more teams or companies that do not have to physically meet or share meeting handout. Give with applications that help them communicate better is key to efficient work and Kadrige iSharing can be one of them.

This app for lets you share content in sync with a group, they are presentations, PDFs, text, images, video or web pages interactively, so that everyone in a meeting can remotely view and work on the same materials, modifying the view of others or taking the turn of the word and explaining, questioning or lecturing on what everyone sees on their screens.

Kadrige is a French company that began in Spain for 8 years working primarily with the pharmaceutical industry. These companies need to train their teams and communicate very specific information about their products but could not because their meetings were continually traveling visitors and keep them in one place for a day made them lose a lot of time to visit clients. As this application created with them in mind but also in all people that need to show material from your iPad and do it from an interactive, in the manner of conferences that do not necessarily need a good connection.

Here comes the iSharing Kadrige distinctive is that as we have seen, the app is made thinking that session participants will not necessarily be found in places with good internet signal, then even if it is low, the app works correctly , because their contents are prepared and are not dependent on the connection.

There are a number of features that make it particularly interesting compared to other tools:

  • It is very visual and facilitates communication of concepts and ideas
  • It is interactive because participants can edit, using audio speak, write or report with drawings on the materials presented
  • No screen sharing, but the contents: thus no risk that others can enter your computer or see other private files
  • Although the network connection is not good, works well, because the contents are preloaded

How it works

works by creating sessions. Upon entering the application, on the left you will see a list of sessions arranged chronologically. Tapping on one of them and we access Thereafter, the administrator can see us all as we are within the presentation. Once there, who has command of the session may be showing the materials prepared. This can be a presentation with images and text, on which the meeting participants can interact.

Kadrige iSharing: presentations synchronized with your computer image 2

To the right is a menu with the tools we have to interact in the plane. To select a color and brush strokes, or draw and make a text box.

Kadrige iSharing: presentations synchronized with your computer image 3

If at some point it is necessary to show a current website can also be done on the screen making it accessible to all participants and allowing everyone making strokes or point out things on the same site. Something that occurs to me extremely useful for design and development teams working remotely. The team tells Kadrige already working to navigate within an application even in the iPad itself.

Kadrige iSharing: presentations synchronized with your computer image 4

Through a “turn-taking”, any participant may request the person who is leading the presentation the time to interact, either by voice or audio if using pencil and visual tools, so that order is maintained even participants are numerous.

It also allows the presentation has documents for consultation participants at any time. Very convenient to put in PDFs or documentary references need to be revised in the course of the session for participants to have them on hand.

Kadrige iSharing: presentations synchronized with your computer image 5

Although the iPad already has a function to do screenshots, the tool incorporates a button that makes it easier to take notes visual moments of the session.

Through speech modules, there is a utility through which the trainer or the person leading the session can ask questions and a tool participants can vote options presented to them. This feature is ideal for teachers or people who use it for educational purposes, or for surveys within the team.

From the administrator panel and users manage content, and can also view the statistics: who are connected, in which sessions, how often, what time, how often and in what ways have participated. It also allows each of the participants re-recorded sessions for playback and review them again in case you need to remember concepts.

Kadrige iSharing: presentations synchronized with your computer image 6

This way of showing what we want to explain or show, to be much more effective visual and good communication allows content to a group of people. When using the remote feature saves a lot of time traveling and meetings, so undoubtedly Kadrige iSharing can be a very good option for organizations working with remote teams.

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